Investment Management Process


Studies show that the pain investors feel when their investments lose money is two times greater than the satisfaction they feel when they gain money. We know that emotions heavily impact the ability to make rational investment decisions.

Since 1929 the stock market has experienced many long-term bull and bear cycles –– according to JP Morgan, the average bear market has lasted 25 months and the markets have declined 45%. We believe it's imperative to not only take advantage of the up times, but also to preserve those gains in down times.


At Zeiser Wealth Management, LLC, our approach is simple: we offer tactical risk-management strategies that are designed to participate in market growth while at the same time seeking to protect against significant declines. Tactical means we can be dynamic in an ever-changing market environment, but being tactical does not mean activity for activity's sake. We know that sometimes the best course of action is no action at all. 

Tactical strategies with smaller drawdowns decrease the fear factor and minimize the likelihood of selling at the bottom. Our approach strives to adapt to any market environment and help our clients reduce downside risk while not sacrificing returns, creating a more tolerable approach to increasing equity exposure.

IN SUMMARY: Market volatility happens. At Zeiser Wealth Management, LLC, we aim to plan for the volatility to keep your investments on track and your retirement goals in focus.



All investments involve costs and risks which may include the risk of principal.

No strategy can guarantee profit, or protect against a loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.