Portfolio Review

It’s beneficial to get a review of your current portfolio. You need to know if your current investments are on track for your goals. You deserve to know if there should be improvements made or if everything looks okay.

As part of our review, we take a look at your current holdings, savings and/or withdrawal rates, fees, and risk. We believe in being open and honest in regards to your situation.

You can set up an appointment to come in for an introduction or just send us a copy of your current statements and we will set up an appointment after our analysis is complete. We will give you a comprehensive report that will detail information about your portfolio.

We will be able to answer questions like: What is my allocation breakdown? What kind of companies am I invested in: small, medium, and/or large? What sectors am I most exposed to? How much risk am I taking? What am I paying in fees? How diversified is my portfolio?

Portfolio Review Form

FREE evaluation of your current investment strategy/ learn about creating a new one with NO OBLIGATION to ZWM!

Conservative: I want to use my portfolio as a hedge against inflation while also preserving my principal.
Moderate: I need a balance of current income and growth of my principal.
Aggressive: I want growth of my principal to support my retirement years. I understand that the pursuit of greater growth may entail a greater potential loss of principal.
Select all that apply.
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