Portfolio Process

We don’t think we can predict the market for the next 12 months but we do have a process to capitalize on whatever the world brings us. If you are tired of “wall street” predictions and canned investment products – we can help!

Portfolio Process

Once you implement a wealth plan, we are here to monitor your investment positions and offer advice on how to manage your hard earned assets. We believe a repeatable, quantitative process is a good cure for emotional investing and its associated underperformance. We utilize our repeatable and disciplined investment processes to guide “buy, sell, and hold” decisions which we believe may help to reduce emotional decision making and increase objectivity.

We also realize “Buy and Hold” strategies work fine when the markets are going up but generally not so well when they experience major downturns. You deserve an approach that will attempt to avoid large downturns to your portfolio whether you are preparing for retirement, sending your kids to college, or living in your retirement years. At ZWM our investment strategies provide unique and dynamic processes for every portfolio we offer.

All investments involve costs and risks which may include the risk of principal.

No strategy can guarantee profit, or protect against a loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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